Holy Martyr Iulian – June, 21st

Saint Iulian was from Anazarvia town, which is the second diocese of Sicily. He had a father with a very good position, with elina faith and a Christian mother who, after her husband dead, moved in Tarsul Ciciliei. There, baptizing the little baby in holy faith, she educated him to study and to be religious. When the child was 18 years old, started a big oppression against Christians in command of Diocletian. Blessed Julian was caught and was taken in for being questioned by Ighemon Marchian. He, tortured him a lot, sometimes treated him good, but other times forced him to sacrifice in name of the idols; but he remained faithful to Christ.

sinaxar-21-iunie-sf-mc-iulian-din-tarsHe was walked an entire year in many cities in Sicily and everywhere was made to work hard; but he was like a hard diamond in his faith to Christ. When he was brought to the city by the sea, the evil servants, forced to eat meat sacrificed to idols and wine, following him to deny Christ .When he was thrown in prison, he was visited by his mother, who was with him always, praying God to strengthen her son.

The pagans caught and put her in front of the judge, and she asked ighemon to stay 3 days with her son to convince him to worship their gods. The ighemon agreed it. She, standing by him day and night, asked him with tears and words of love to endure all these weights because, at the end, he will be in Holy Martyrs group.

After 3 days, Iulian and his mother had been brought in front of the judge. The ighemon was thinking that the woman convinced her son to worship the gods, and started to prise her. Iulian and her mother were still talking about Christ and God and the ighemon forced them to work without mercy. They had beaten Iulian’s mother and cut her heels and after all these they banished her. Holy Iulian was put into a bag full of sand and venomous reptile and was thrown into the sea.

The body of Sf Iulian was removed from waves and was buried in Alexandria by a widow. After a while, his Sf relicts were brought in Antiohia. Saint John Chrysostom always mentioned Iulian in time when he was living in Antiohia.